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...and remember that the World's Finest isn't two people, it's three.

The first time Superman met Batman, Batman was in full on "early days lone avenger" mode, terrifying everyone who saw him, whether they needed to be scared or not.

The second time though..

..things were a little different )
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As someone else noted, DC: The New Frontier is full of perfect moments. The Silver Age Flash gets a couple of them. Now, normally the one that comes to mind is his initial appearance where he goes up against Captain Cold, but while that's pretty awesome too, here's another one that, frankly, I like better.

Watch my smoke, G-Man. )
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I wasn't too sure about Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier when it was first announced - I remember rumblings that it was either a thematic or literal sequel to James Robinson's The Golden Age, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

As I told Cooke years later at a panel at SDCC, he didn't play fair with my emotions. Growing up, I frequented the second-hand bins at one of my local bookstores a lot, and in them were bunches of Our Army at War and G.I. Combat, and one group that I loved was the hard-luck war hero group, The Losers - the originals, not the (albeit still pretty good) reimagining that resulted in a slightly disappointing movie adaptation.

So when I read these pages, and later on, when Cooke used the frickin' Challengers of the Unknown, for chrissakes... I was hooked. Line, and sinker.

They called them the Losers. But they were winners to the end. )
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'cause people said the last one was too morbid. XP

Also more evidence that Darwyn Cooke is awesome.

9 pages out of 100 or so )

A lot of characters in this, so I'll put the basics in and other people can suggest the other tags it they want so I'm not accused of spamming.

Title: new frontier
creator: darwyn cooke
publisher: dc
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From the DC: New Frontier special released to coincide with the release of the movie.

Contains possible spoilers for the series, if you already haven't read it yet. And if that's the case, go! Go now and read it!
8 pages out of an issue of 44 )


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