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Yaoi/Yuri day- Ninja High School Romance

Ok, I'm a day or two late on this one, but this is a fun one, from Ninja High School

(Yes, Suzume's on a panda. No, I'm not going to tell you why ^^)
A snippet of Suzume and Dawn behind cut )
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One Perfect Moment: Ninja High School

In order to understand this perfect moment, you must understand Tetsuo Rivalsan.

Namely, he's a failure.

His three great ambitions in life are to beat Ricky Feeple, his sister Yumei, and to become Ninja King!

At which he failed utterly.

You don't truly need to know the rest beyond that, there's a fair amount of spoilers from the Ninja High School Shidoshi arc and it's plenty Perfect even without, but read if you want the background :)
Tetsuo Rivalsan's One Perfect Moment behind cut )