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No Hero was Warren Ellis's series about the great cost of having powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men and the kind of people willing to pay it.

Where we left off in my previous post, the Front Line, the world's only superhero team, suffered the murder of two of its members, Judex and Doctor Shift. To replenish their ranks, they've recruited a wannabe vigilante named Josh Carver (pictured above). [Also, everyone should read the insightful critique [personal profile] bradhanon of Ellis's superhero works in general made in the comments section:]

In this post, covering issues 2 and 3, Josh begins the arduous procedure that will bequeath him superpowers.

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That's the question asked by Warren Ellis' No Hero, a seven-part mini-series that explores the great cost of having powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. It's odd how Ellis, an author who is frank about having no interest in superheroes, consistently produces some of the freshes superhero stories around. Maybe his lack of interest gives him a unique perspective, idunno. In any case, No Hero is no exception.

I've noticed that there have been posts to scans_daily about Ellis' other two Avatar superhero titles, Black Summer and Supergod, but none for this one. That shall now be rectified. Here's two pages from issue 0 and six from issue 1. Future entries will cover the rest of the series.

Oh, also: This series includes that rarest of animals, an Ellis protagonist who doesn't drink or do drugs.

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