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I'm sure most of you read Oglaf anyway, but yay, I get to be the one to post today's comic! For the noncognoscenti, Oglaf is often pornographic comedy, but this one's safe for work:

SFW Glamazons )
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Once upon a time, there was a magic artifact, a mask of great power and evil. However, it eventually was wrest from evil's clutches by a good King. Though it could not be destroyed, steps could be taken against it's threat.

The King made sure it'd be safe Forever! )


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Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, [community profile] scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

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