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One Month to Live is a five-issue limited series from Marvel, set in mainstream continuity, and all five issues came out in September of this year. The idea came from a conversation between Stephen Wacker and Rick Remender, and each issue has a different creative team. (John Ostrander wrote issue #3, which is what originally got my attention.)

It's very much the kind of project that's characteristic of modern Marvel: it's got decent writers, decent to good art, and it's an okay read, but it's gotten very little exposure and it sold like a juice box full of Ebola. (Each single issue did between 12,000 and 14,000 copies, which is actually better than I thought it did before looking it up.)

The book is a "man on the street" view of life in 616. Dennis Sykes is a bank manager, dealing with a job he despises and with becoming, as his wife puts it, the "instant parent" of his ten-year-old niece Kelly. His life is about to get worse.

four pages from issue #1 after the cut )


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