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Probably not the best father/son relationship but here's a scene between Norman Osborn and his father. I may post a Norman/Harry one later but I'm still looking.

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Couldn't think of any specific stories that fit a 10th anniversary, so I figured I'd just repost an old one; a story from Paul Jenkins, who's run on Spider-Man IMO was one of the best.

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This is a little old (a week or so) but I haven't seen it here...the Green Goblin from Spider-Man musical performed his number with some friends on the David Letterman show.

There are no words for what I'm feeling right now.

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Not in a gratuitous killing; not in a slobbering grin; not even in a moment of greedy cannibalism is the wonder of Eddie Brock, symbiote-enabled serial murderer, properly embodied. Rather, his true spirit is found in a minute of quiet, calm contemplation after being reunited with his alien other once more...

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char: ben parker, char: may parker, char: spider-man/peter parker, creator: mark buckingham, creator: paul jenkins, publisher: marvel comics, title: peter parker spider-man
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char: green goblin/norman osborn, char: spider-man/peter parker, creator: humberto ramos, creator: paul jenkins, publisher: marvel comics, title: peter parker spider-man
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Fusion was a villain that appeared during Paul Jenkin's run of Peter Parker: Spider-Man all the way back in 2001. IMO, Jenkins' run during that time (#20-50) is one of Spidey's best. He really got the character. Jenkins had a later run on Spectacular Spider-Man, but that wasn't as good, unfortunately. A lot of his recent work has received a fair amount of scorn (he created the infamous character of Sally Floyd and wrote the debacle where she roasts him for not using MySpace), but looking back at his older stories, they still hold up.

Fusion had a lot of potential for a character, as this arc hopefully shows, but he seems to have taken a powder after Jenkins left. His last appearance was in 2002, and it seems unlikely that he'll return. Which is a shame, as he was a far more interesting character than Menace, Kraven's daughter or any of the other BND rejects....

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Someone asked if the Goblin had been shown killing on national television. And, you know what? Yeah, yeah, he had been. You know why? Because he put it on there himself. Since this is apparently the first time the public has seen it, we must presume that Goblin set up his own camera beforehand. (Which would be an interesting retcon to get into if someone ever bothered to follow up on it.)

5 pages from Peter Parker-Spider-man, vol. 2, issue 45

Bonus scan from the same arc: Goblin re-enacts with action figures.


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