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Picked up from David Willis of Shortpacked at the 2013 Small Press Expo, I got a drawing of that classic Bat activity, space breathing, and my favorite Batfamily member, Cassandra "Black Bat" Cain.

Cassandra Cain by David Willis )
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Shortpacked discusses a topic that has been mentioned on many a messagebord, online community or even newsgroup (If you're too young to remember what a newsgroup it, please don't tell me, I feel old enough already thanks)

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Having been recently reunited (following an Incident), I can safely say that these two from David Willis' Shortpacked series are my favourite gay couple.
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Wednesday's Shortpacked had another Frank Miller joke. As usual, it is on-point. I, however, go off-point with idle thoughts about "Dark Knight Rises."

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Shortpacked's reaction to the conspiracy theories surrounding a certain character's place in the DCnU 
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I wasn't sure of the context of today's Shortpacked when I read it, and I sure as hell wasn't going to google anything involving the word "bestiality" at work, so it took me until tonight to find this

Webcomic and info beneath )
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David Willis' webcomic Shortpacked often has Batman jokes, where the first (or last) thing Batman says is "I'm Batman." In Monday's comic, the time-lost Batman arrives in 1939, at the end of DETECTIVE COMICS #29.

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