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So this week's Soldier Zero, the second by Abnett and Lanning, confirmed something.

You're no doubt wondering how and what it did, especially if you remember how the last one ended.

Well, the answer lies in the voice inside our hero's legs. )
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This issue presents a genuinely original take on the whole concept of a superhero whose powers make up for their disability.

Last issue, wheelchair-bound Stewart Trautmann became bound to an alien parasite from out of the sky. What now?

One small step )
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SOLDIER ZERO #1 came out this month. It's the first comic of the new superhero line that Stan Lee is doing in conjunction with Boom! Studios. I know that Stan Lee's name gets attached to a half dozen new projects every day of the week that ends in Y, but by all indications he's genuinely hands-on involved with this one, overseeing the books every step of the way.

He's paired with a different writer for each of the titles in the line, but in SZ's case, he's working with Paul Cornell. Judging by the first issue, the two of them have managed to create a superhero very much in the classic Stan Lee mode.

Four pages... )


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