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Once upon a time The Spot was this supervillain who defeated Spider-Man (well, for one issue anyway), and instead of quitting while he was ahead he tried to defeat him again:

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The Spot nowadays is considered a joke (and he was never meant to be a very serious villain anyway) but the first time he fought Spider-Man he actually defeated the web-crawler. This is how it happened:

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Hey folks! I'm here to tell you about this obscure hero they used to make comic books about a loooong time ago. I don't know if anyone's familiar with him, but he was a really fun character and he was featured in lots of light-hearted, enjoyable, action-filled stories. I think you'll take a shine to him.

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EDIT: The images should be working now.

Over at Spider-Man Crawl Space, they're doing "Spidey Revisions"--fixing the continuity of past comics to make them linear with the current status quo. That is, that Peter and MJ were never married and just lived together instead (but besides that nothing changed!).

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I moved from San Diego back to Austin this week, and have not had time to do more Legion stuff. I do like talking about art on s_d a lot, though, so I decided to just repost something from the old s_d.

Without further ado, here is issue #141 of the Spectacular Spider-Man, by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema (although I strongly suspect the hand of Janson here).


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