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Well Spider-Verse keeps on trucking on, and the overall attitude of grimdarkness seems to have even ensnared Spider-Girl in its web. However, there is still hope: she's appearing in Spider-Verse team-up, once more in the capable hands of Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. As a result, I've decided to post my very first entry on s_d to share in the joy that is Spider-Girl. (I've endeavoured to keep it within the bounds of the rules, and I apologise in advance if I've inadvertently broken any or otherwise mess up).
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Girl! )Look Out! Here comes the Spider-Girl! )
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Spectacular Spider-Girl (the digital Spider-Girl series) has wrapped up its first arc! In order to celebrate (and to pimp it a little, since the second arc is starting soon), I thought I'd do a wrapup post or two of the highlights.

Who Is Gwen Reilly? Part 1: In which May's clone discovers boys, heroics and murder. (Also, May has kind of an identity crisis.) )
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BIG spoilers from the latest issue of Spectacular Spider-Girl/Amazing Spider-Man Family. (ASMF is 55 pages in total, the SSG segment is 23, I counted!) DON'T click the link if you don't want to know, folks, I cannot stress that enough.

Sadly, I couldn't include more of the newest "Parker", because I think I already love her, but I figured people would want to see this more...

Should I call you Uncle Pete from now on? )


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