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Spider-Man: Reign is in my opinion one of the more underrated Spidey stories out there. There's a bit of a "all there is to know about 'The Crying Game'" twist that's overshadowed the rest of the story. It's also been derided as a knock off The Dark Knight Returns (and the similarities are acknowledged with a character called 'Miller Janson') but in my opinion all they have in common is the concept of an aging superhero being called out of retirement. Simply put, Spider-Man and Batman are two very different characters -- you're not going to see Spider-Man as a hardened vigilante beating the crap out of Captain America. They're also products of two different periods; TDKR takes place during the Cold War, while Reign (although the connection is not as explicit) draws parallels with a post-9/11 America.

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Okay, don't jump all over me. I think it was a horrible idea---at least DC sacrificed its continuity to a multiversal Crisis rather than a guy who can't take the idea of his ninety-year-old aunt finally dying. Who literally rewrote history by making a deal with the devil to save a woman who by all rights should have been dead years ago, and only had a few years left.


It could be worse.

I innocently clicked on a link from comicbookresources to CRACKED's 5 Superhoes Rendered Ridiculous by Gritty Reboots and found REIGN, from Marvel, which I had no idea existed.

Brace yourselves for the worst Spider-Man idea ever, as we look in on a sixty-year-old Spider-Man, who...


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