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Many years ago in that strange era called the 1970's, when still a fairly small icon_uk, I saw a strange book, a large picture book in a language I couldn't read (Much like some of the Tintin, Lucky Luke and Asterix books I'd seen visiting friends have in their possession, but I'd seen those in English too), which featured a Japanese girl as the main character in a science fiction based ser. The book was called "Les Trois Soleils de Vinéa" and as I grew up and learned to read the language I always meant to go back and read more of the books, because I enjoyed that one.

I didn't find any English ones until relatively recently, because for the most part they were first translated from 2007 onwards, and even then not even close to all of them.

I got hold of this book ages ago to scan for here, but I forgot about it until seeing a tumblr post mention the series.

By the second book we're into time travel and antimatter... this is NOT a series that aims low!

Yoko 000

Welcome to the world of Yoko Tsuno )
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From Spirou: Alerte aux Zorkons (and a little follow-up in La face cachée du Z)

Warning: This post contains lots of bad grammar. The character's broken French is done on purpose, an editorial choice you can contest; the possible English mistakes in my description come from my being ESL. Please bear with it?

Lots of Spirou readers were so sorely disappointed with Aux sources du Z they ditched the series entirely. I won’t blame them. I almost did so myself. Fast forward a couple of years, I gave the new title a second chance and I was rewarded with…

less than 7 pages out of a 50-pages album (plus a little bonus) )
They’re cute, they’re geeky and they’re together. ♥
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I see that there are (used to be?) some Spirou fans around here. So I thought I'd make a post to mark the 75th anniversary of Spirou as a character, a comic and a magazine (on April 21):

Sketch by Yoann for InediSpirou
"Is this really necessary?"
(Image from InediSpirou)

Yes it is! )
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Not a big surprise that my favourite male character is a lanky, prematurely balding blonde with a predilection for redheads and a knack for getting himself in and out of trouble with style, if not grace.

I bring you the man, the myth, the Fantasio )
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Since I already did a OPM post for Fantasio, then it only makes sense I do one for Spirou's other lifelong companion, Spip.

Monkey Joe's got nuttin' on this guy )
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Since [personal profile] icon_uk made a post about the ultimate sidekick, Obelix, I figured I'd post a Perfect Moment from one of the other great Franco-Belgian sidekicks, Fantasio.

greater love hath no man )
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Dick Grayson might have the best butt in the DC universe, but Spirou's got the best butt in France!

and i can prove it )


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