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I wonder if Chewbacca not getting crushed by a moon makes up for losing so many interesting characters. But Oscar Issac is good in anything!

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"Vader, for all his obvious failings, is a grand figure. My book isn’t just about trying to hunt down the Rebels. That’s what he does on Tuesdays. Vader has many more problems to deal with, from the underworld to other power factions inside the Empire who see this once-favourite’s star falling. Given the option between Vader and some of the people he faces, we side with Vader. He has dignity and opera, for a start." -- Kieron Gillen

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'Put it like this: who doesn’t love “The Godfather”? My model for the series is “House of Cards.” A man in a position of power who is slighted and turns to tactics that he wouldn't have really considered before.' -- Kieron Gillen

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"The problem with the Empire is that by definition and design it's faceless. There's the Stormtrooper uniform and that kind of fascistic grip of it all, and that means there's a lot of dudes that aren’t necessarily interesting to read about. [Laughs] One of those dudes is quite cool, but not as everyone in your cast. One of the joys of this book though is that we can bring in sketchier characters. You get those bounty hunter guys, and you get people who are just as ethically questionable and evil, but can act in a different way." - Kieron Gillen

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And as the weekend fades into just another Monday, a little something to cheer us up and remind us that there is joy and humour to be had in everything

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"To the [characters] in STAR WARS, Vader is this inescapable force who is almost beyond their comprehension. To Vader, chasing them is what he does on Tuesday, and he’s got a world of pain to deal with in the rest of the week." -- Kieron Gillen

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The cast of Star Wars Rebels (which is a pretty good show in my estimation), are on their way to pick up supplies for the refugees of Tarkin-town but when Kanan learns the name of the planet they are headed to, Kaller, he has a flashback to the worst day of his life... back when he went under a different name, and was a Jedi Padawan.

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OK, time for the wars to get starrier... Well, not quite, they don't leave Aquilaea until next issue, but...oh, forget it...let's continue...

His star wars will go on forever. )

Next time the wars ACTUALLY take to the stars...

~7.5 pages from 23.
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Sorry this didn't get posted was a bit harder to cut down than previous issues.

The Saga Continues.... )

Next up, we reach the halfway point and meet Han Solo.

~7 pages out of 22.


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