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The cast of Star Wars Rebels (which is a pretty good show in my estimation), are on their way to pick up supplies for the refugees of Tarkin-town but when Kanan learns the name of the planet they are headed to, Kaller, he has a flashback to the worst day of his life... back when he went under a different name, and was a Jedi Padawan.

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OK, time for the wars to get starrier... Well, not quite, they don't leave Aquilaea until next issue, but...oh, forget it...let's continue...

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Next time the wars ACTUALLY take to the stars...

~7.5 pages from 23.
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Sorry this didn't get posted yesterday...it was a bit harder to cut down than previous issues.

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Next up, we reach the halfway point and meet Han Solo.

~7 pages out of 22.
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26 out of 82 (yes I actually counted up the two page spreads this time cause, suprising to myself this is the post where I used up the most pages).

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I'm going to throw up 5 more pages of Vol 2, and 19 pages of vol 3 (out of 85+). Since the Jedi were inspired by the Samurai movies of Akira Kurosawa (especially The Hidden Fortress) it's only fitting that in the manga adaptation some Samurai tropes and Kenjutsu stances are used.

In this installment:

-Obi-Wan is bad-ass
-Naughty tentacles
-Female Advice

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Since there was some interest after the first post, let's continue on to issue 2 of The Star Wars.

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Next time, the Star Wars begin in earnest! (Also, the Sith make the scene, but who cares about that. >_>)

7 and change pages from 23.
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7 pages from Star Wars #3 and 4 pages from Star Wars #4

That means there are some big explosions, some political discussions of the post-Death-Star-kablooey! situation (They don't call it that, but you know they would if they could) and also rather a lot of Luke in a vest doing Jedi training. (Look, no one else has posted from this issue, so I get dibs on what pages get posted!)

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Since Neko was kind enough to share with us what Star Wars might have been, and since not too long ago we saw the early Marvel adaptation, let's see how it gets handled in another country.

*note this is more or less just pages I liked... most of us know the story, I might post from the later volumes, but If I do it'll probably just be to see stuff like Alderaan's destruction*

Also I don't have an accurate page count on this book since Comixology counts two page spreads as a single page, and I will admit I'm too lazy to count those all up... It's over 80 though, so I got lots of room.

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A bit late in the day, sorry, but...I felt it needed to be posted.

In 2013/2014, just before their license expired, Dark Horse did a rather interesting Star Wars series. The Star Wars - based on the original draft script that bore only the slightest resemblance to the final material.

Here's some scans from issue 1...I'll post more if there's interest.

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~6.5 pages out of 20.
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May the 4th

I found this in a bookstore the last time I visited Paris, and thought I'd share it with you.

I'm not patient or good enough to change the text in situ, so I'll put in as much of the text as seems appropriate after the fact, and apologise to any French speakers as I mangle their lovely language (And that's why Cypher is my favourite superhero!)

Written and drawn by Enrique V Vegas

Be warned this is not only not dial-up friendly, it's actively dial-up hostile!!

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STAR WARS TALES was an anthology DARK HORSE series, where many of the stories were either humorous or of "questionable continuity." Issue 16 had Leia Organa-Solo decide "With Great Power comes the Great Responsibility of not using that power." By John McCrea and Jason Hall.

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"It reminded me of this interview I had a chance to have with William Gibson but I turned it down because I hadn't read his last couple of books and I was sure there were other people who could do it better than me. With Vader, I sat down and was sure that I was the person who could write this because at Marvel I'm the guy you get to write bad guys. That's what I do. There's no-one else as evil as I am." -- Kieron Gillen

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'Star Wars is enough to drive any fair-minded observer of popular culture insane. I sit in horror, watching otherwise sane-minded individuals wander out of the latest cinematic monstrosity cursing George Lucas' name only to - a handful of months later - go out and buy the DVD anyway "for the extras". You scratch your head at the AintItFatFacedAmericansInTheirBasements somehow claiming the original trilogy were the high points of cinematic history, when only Empire stands up as anything more than campy high adventure and Jedi is covered in a frankly embarrassing Ewokitis. And you grit your teeth as reviewer after reviewer adds twenty percent to a game's score because it's got Stormtroopers and the real Lightsabre sound effects. In short: I hate Star Wars.' - Kieron Gillen

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