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Death Masque 00

I can thoroughly recommend Star Wars Omnibus - Wild Space Volume 1, nearly 450 pages of odd collections of Star Wars stories, from cereal boxes, toybox comics, and many of them being back-up or filler strips in the UK Star Wars Weekly Comic (Which I have fond memories of to this day).

Because of the era, this means that some of them are by the likes of Alan Moore, and Alan Davis, then bright young things at Marvel UK. Alas some of them are only 5 pages long, and are in their own way, little gems of storytelling, but alas, hacking up a 5 page story to fit the 1/3 rule is often deeply counterproductive, so I'd rather not try (So go buy the book!)

This is a 15 page story written by Steve Moore and John Stokes on art though, from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back #149

Death Masque )
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Hi folks!

This one might have been on the LJ SD community, but I don't think it's been posted since the moves. In 2009, Dark Horse Comics did a number of one-shots with, purportedly, a complete story in each issue; counterprogramming it against whatever big crossovers Marvel and DC were doing at the time. This is one of them. (My copy was a giveaway by a local shop, thus the label.)

Seven pages of twenty-two.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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One of the kidnappers had drawn his blaster and was lining it up on a badly dressed and clearly insane figure that had appeared from nowhere and was running straight at him. -Mara Jade, observing Luke, whose idea of a disguise was gray trousers, a blue tunic, a yellow sash, and a poncho with a hood.

Luke Skywalker shouldn't be allowed to dress himself. I've shown a little of that before but, well... here's more, gleaned from a number of comics.

No, none of this is seen as bad in-story. )
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Now you know that I have my little... quirks, but I do like me some cute of a weekend, and this hits the spot...

I found a copy of this new book in my local comic shop, HAD to buy it (despite the fact it was the only one that they had in and I think the owner wanted to read it himself, and I wanted to share it because it is AWESOME!

It's called

(If you thought "Batman and Sons" was the a humorous take on the most stressed father/son dynamic out there, think again...)

Have the insulin on standby... )
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Ok, my personal golden rule about Star Wars is "post stuff about Star Wars only if it's cool".

This is cool, courtesy of ComicsAlliance.com.

The Force is strong with this one.

Bad ass, this is. )
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I found this short comic on Pixiv, a Japanese-language fanart site. I have no idea what's going on here, but it made me laugh.

Anakin is jealous of Han. ...I think. )
So mature, Anakin.
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One panel from "The Return of Ben Kenobi", a newspaper comic which was collected in "Classic Star Wars: The Rebel Storm".

I am sharing it because this is, quite possibly, the most... spectacular canon outfit Luke Skywalker has ever worn.

I am not kidding. )

And, okay, three panels from "The Iskalon Effect", since it has Luke and Leia wearing matching low-cut tops.

Not kidding about this, either. )

He has actually been mocked for his lack of fashion sense in canon, I think.
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"The Day After the Death Star" is a Marvel UK comic, drawn by Carmine Infantino. It's 49 pages, but since most of those are only one or two panels, it's not as long as it sounds. Thirteen pages.

It's also the comic where we see Chewie get his medal.

And where Luke fails big time. )

And it must be said: May the Fourth be with you.
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As promised: gay Zeltrons redesign Leia's dress.

A lot of these are partial pages. It adds up to about five pages out of twenty-two.

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I've been reading Marvel Star Wars. It's much better than I expected it to be, especially past the first few issues. It's just fun.

Also, Leia is a troll. Part of a page from Star Wars Annual 1: The Long Hunt/A Duel of Eagles. After that is five pages from another issue.
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