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With this issue, Jim Starlin takes over as the series' new writer. And as you can see from the cover, he wastes no time at all completely wiping out the previous status quo.

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If you're like me, and have spent the last year hoping to see at least a GLIMPSE of the old Authority in the new Stromwatch (that I'm not dropping only because I, for once in my life, want to be there when a couple I've always been rooting for gets together), I have great news for you! The new I, Vampire delivers Stormwatch team I WANT to read - snarky, violent and having fun. I hope the artistic team behind this book, author and artist, get to do Stormwatch one day.

Several random panels of Midnighter, Apollo and Jack kicking ass, taking names, then kicking more ass while taking names )
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Frist of all, I liked this issue. Awe, shock, horror; I know!
Second of all, they finally decided to explain Midnighter's chinspike and the story goes like this:

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The moon's launched a slew of meteors at Earth, and each one that lands will transform into a giant monster. It's just one of those days...

Two pages from STORMWATCH 2 and four from issue 3... )
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I am fully prepared to have all of you hate me for this... i can live with it :D


MASSIVE SPOILERS for the ENTIRE Season 6 of Doctor Who including The Wedding of River Song....

AGAIN i CANNOT stress enough... MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead.

So In the words of the wonderful River Song... SPOILers!

So In the words of the wonderful River Song... SPOILers! )

and For Legality, 3/4 of a page from StormWatch #2

and For Legality, 3/4 of a page from StormWatch #2  )
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Here are three more pages from STORMWATCH 1. [personal profile] kirke_novak already posted a scene showing three members of the group's mission in Moscow to recruit Apollo. Now here's a bit from one of the other missions shown this issue, as Jenny Quantum and Stormwatch leader Adam One retrieve an alien artifact in the Himalayas.

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