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The letterer for Groo, the illustrator for 47 Ronin, the creator/writer/illustrator/letterer/inker/authority supreme for Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai has found the time to do some one-offs too. According to the man himself, he worked on a short Hulk story called "Oni", a "Peanuts" strip, an interlude in "Queen and Country". I also found a Star Wars story, and somebody in a forum mentioned a Rocketeer and a Grendel story.

I was unable to find the "Queen and Country", "Peanuts", "Grendel" and "Rocketeer" excerpts, but I do have the Hulk and the Star Wars stories to share below.

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A few people were asking about this since it hadn't made it here yet, so allow me to share!
Two pages from Strange Tales II #1

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She has another story with Rogue in a future issue! These things always tend to be mixed bags, but some stories make the whole thing worth it.
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It seems the universe has conspired to make me eat crow. Just last week, I was making such bold pronouncements as, "Marvel's probably a little hesitant to put any more Steranko work out in trade...", only to have the September solicits announce this:

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No word yet on whether Marvel learned their lesson and is actually paying Steranko this time around, but I've sent off a few e-mails inquiring about that, and I'll keep you posted. I'm a little irked that they're cutting it off at NF #3, just because Steranko's last interior work on the book was in #5, and continued a story started in #1. Seeing as how #4 was a fill-in issue by Frank Springer, I don't see why they couldn't have just put #5 in this volume, and left #4 for a hypothetical next volume. I know the Masterworks are pretty staunchly chronological, but come on.

Anyway, to celebrate, have a picspam of my favorite moments from those issues!

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