Kate Beaton's bit in Strange Tales II #1

A few people were asking about this since it hadn't made it here yet, so allow me to share!
Two pages from Strange Tales II #1

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She has another story with Rogue in a future issue! These things always tend to be mixed bags, but some stories make the whole thing worth it.

Punisher Week: Strange Tales

For Punisher Week, we've seen the Punisher take on the Runaways. Now let's set the Wayback Machine to 1988 and see him take on both Power Pack and Cloak & Dagger in STRANGE TALES (Vol. 2) #12-14.

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"...and Call My Lover MODOK!"

This is also from Strange Tales #1, but since I only posted two pages before I'm not going over the limit.

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It seems the universe has conspired to make me eat crow. Just last week, I was making such bold pronouncements as, "Marvel's probably a little hesitant to put any more Steranko work out in trade...", only to have the September solicits announce this:

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No word yet on whether Marvel learned their lesson and is actually paying Steranko this time around, but I've sent off a few e-mails inquiring about that, and I'll keep you posted. I'm a little irked that they're cutting it off at NF #3, just because Steranko's last interior work on the book was in #5, and continued a story started in #1. Seeing as how #4 was a fill-in issue by Frank Springer, I don't see why they couldn't have just put #5 in this volume, and left #4 for a hypothetical next volume. I know the Masterworks are pretty staunchly chronological, but come on.

Anyway, to celebrate, have a picspam of my favorite moments from those issues!

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