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For Halloween week, a Halloween tale, from #20 of SUPER FRIENDS, which continues to be leagues more awesome than the majority of DC's adult fare.

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I've posted some model sheets from time to time, and found these in an old folder, so though it might be fun to share...

These are model sheets from the 1970's series, showing our happy little bird boy in all his various glories.

First, that million dollar smile...

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When Wondy was Awesome nineteen is up, again at my journal as per usual with the Rucka chapters.

And for legality and curiosity, one page from the most recent SUPER FRIENDS:

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So between ORACLE and GA/BC and the lack of any of my normal standout titles, this was a pretty bad week for comics. And that would ordinarily be pretty disheartening, and cast a bit of a pallor over the whole Wednesday LCS experience.

Except for the other comic that came out this Wednesday, which is pure distilled awesome that somebody cut with liquid joy and pressed into ink and paper form.


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