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"It’s been said, a lot, that the superhero is ad hoc mythmaking for the contemporary era. And a fraught and culture-shocked society needs and demands rescue stories. Look at how both UFO sightings and angel sightings peaked in the run-up to the millennium: a wish to seek and solve the mystery of the Other that might swoop down from the sky to save us." -- Warren Ellis

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"One day I woke up with an idea, that came out of nowhere, for how to extend this most strange and storied of 'analogue' properties into a new space. A new floor on top of Alan Moore and Rob Liefeld's house." -- Warren Ellis

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"The idea is essentially that Liefeld and his collaborators' takes on the property were one way to do superhero comics, and Alan [Moores]'s was another, and mine perhaps combines those while floating the thing up into the thin air of science fiction." -- Warren Ellis

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"I think that last Superman movie felt this, a bit, but couldn’t quite get to it — a Lois Lane story is always more interesting than a Superman story, because mystery, investigation and revelation are more powerful than binary conflict." -- Warren Ellis

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Alan Moore's final issue of Supreme ended on a cliffhanger, with an army of Darius Daxes attacking the Citadel Supreme.

With issue #64, Erik Larsen takes over writing duties, taking the book in a new direction...

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Awesome! New Supreme is on the way! Even if Erik Larsen's art is nothing compared to Chris Sprouse and Rick Veitch's, it's still written by Alan Moore! After more than a decade, his run is finally being completed! To celebrate, I'm posting one of my favourite moments from the series.

Supreme and Diana enjoy some quality time at her apartment watching Friends:

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I know there are many fellow s_d members who loved Alan Moore's Supreme series from the late '90s. You all know how the story ended in a cliffhanger, the publisher going belly up before Moore's last issue came out, wrapping his run. You've probably heard how Erik Larsen is going to finally draw the final Moore-penned script. It's not Chris Sprouse, but it'll do! Frankly, I'm just hoping that's an excuse for new, quality TPBs.

But until that happens, here's a reminder of the last issue published, when Supreme had a chat with Jack freakin' Kirby!

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