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I'll take a crack at it...

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I'm kind of surprised there have not been more Robin moments in this great theme that we've been having. So, I thought I'd post one from my favorite incarnation: Teen Titans Go!

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It turns out Teen Titans Go! #18 was another installment in DC's love affair with chibi characters.

The cover, of course, is a lying liar that lies, because Larry doesn't exactly 'join' anything this issue...

This issue says June 2005 on the cover, so when was it that DC had a crossover with the Chibi Justice League that Superman dreamt up after he got high on Kryptonite? I'm guessing that one came first. Or not.

ETA: Ah, so it dates all the way back to Spyboy/Young Justice. I dug through the tags and found the Superman/Batman: Li'l Leaguers bit actually came after Titans', too. Mightygodking was right: absorbing good ideas from the cartoons is just a proud DC tradition.


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