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"To me they were just a bunch of irredeemable dicks. They’re supes to begin with, so they’re arrogant shits whose powers make them feel superior, but elevation to The Seven would make them a thousand times worse. I did go into the Homelander’s story a while back, and there’ll be more on him in #65 because his origin’s pretty important to the overall story, but with the rest I didn’t see the point. They are, when all’s said and done, a pretty obvious parody of the JLA."

- Garth Ennis

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"The first American comic I read, apart from a few issues of Mad, was The Dark Knight Returns, which made me think American comics must all be completely brilliant and I’d been missing out on this Godlike genius for years and years. I immediately bought as many other titles as I could and found out the opposite was true, but I was at least able to follow people like Alan Moore into US comics, and discover the likes of Howard Chaykin, Peter Bagge, Paul Chadwick and so on."

- Garth Ennis

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