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Following on from Part 1 where we set the scene and saw the creation of the genetically modified beings known as "The Futurians", now we get a chance to see them in action

1... If by land )

2 If by sea )
Next up, more heroes, more bad guys all in the classic Cockrum style and appearance, and that's a GOOD thing!
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Graphic Novels, back in the mid 1980's, were a very new thing to America. Not having had the likes of Asterix, Lucky Luke or Tintin as a standard publication, they were used for some strange things, and some pretty awesome ones too, with the likes of the death of Captain Marvel (#1), the debut of the New Mutants (#5), ummm Dazzler: The Movie (#12)

Today we're looking at #9 in the series, the first appearance of Dave Cockrum's creator owned series, The Futurians.

The Future is Now... if the Future is 1983! )


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