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In light of the well intentioned but horribly botched history of American magic over in the Potterverse (and the fact that I've been listening to a lot of Hamillton), I thought that I'd post instances of the Founding Fathers messing about with magic in the DCU and Marvel Universes...

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3 pages from The Spectre Vol. 4 #19 by John Ostrander and Norm Breyfogle. I wasn't really a fan of the Hal Jodan Spectre series but it did give us this awesome Darkseid moment.

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A little under seven pages from The Spectre #0...

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creator: john ostrander, creator: tom mandrake, publisher: dc comics, title: the spectre, char: spectre
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Three weeks ago (with my "JLA teams up with Two-Face... wait what?!" post), [personal profile] lamashtar asked if I was going to post this particular issue, or if it was "too schmaltzy." To be honest, I wasn't sure (of either)!

Who here has read the Hal Jordan SPECTRE series (which ran 27 issues from 2001 to 2003)? I'm genuinely curious as to what anybody made of it. Personally, it was one of the more frustrating reading experiences I've ever had.

Issue #5--the topic of this week's post--is no exception, namely because it features the unlikely meeting of my two all-time favorite characters. And the results are... well... I'm still not really sure even now.

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All that said, between this and their meeting in that JLA story, I'm in agreement with [personal profile] alias_grace when she expressed a wish for a proper Hal/Harvey teamup. Because, she said, "Hal is so very pragmatic, and has no patience for the crazy, and Harvey would take a deep and abiding delight in fucking with his head."

Seriously, I would pay good money to see J. Michael Straczynski write this as an issue of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, considering how he wrote Two-Face in the TEEN TITANS story and Hal in the most recent issue of TB&TB (with Dr. Fate).

Is anyone else reading TB&TB? I've really been liking it, and the GL/Dr. Fate issue was simply wonderful. I'm kind of surprised that no one seems to be talking about it.


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