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I've been longing to post a sample from this series for ages, if only so I can use the name.. I know it's terribly juvenile of me to snigger every time it's used, but I don't care....

From "The Topper" (okay, you can snigger over that one if you like) Annual 1986, I present

Danny's Tranny )

title: the topper, medium: british comics, title: danny's tranny
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Following on from[personal profile] skjam's nostalgia laced post, I went digging around and found a copy of the Topper Annual 1971. Within this hardbound volume were many stories featuring characters from the weekly comics. And in particular, an eight page story featuring

The Krak-tastic Whizzers from Ozz )

tags: medium: british comics, publisher: dc thomson, title: the topper, creator: paddy brennan
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As I mentioned in my previous post, I have now acquired my own scanner, so I may be putting things up more often.

It so happens that I have three issues of "The Topper", June 18, July 2 and July 16 1983. At 7 scans from the 23 story pages in each issue, that's almost an entire issue I can show you.

Since it turns out people don't actually read the carefully crafted cutline jokes, I'll just say Read more. )

Your thoughts and comments? In particular, if you had the opportunity to bring one of these features back in the modern day, which one would you choose?

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in-joke: crossdressing for justice
medium: British comics
publisher: DC Thomson
title: The Topper


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