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Recently, I've become a bit disillusioned with the Wednesday comics-go-round. This is partly down to making some bad comics choices and sticking with them for too long (since remedied after listening to Freakonomics' The Upside of Quitting podcast.) Then there's the way that for $3.99 I can get 20-odd pages of Ultimate X-Men (fine comic though it is) or can get a whole OGN for a few quid more.

However, I still want to read comics, I just want to get some more value. And I'm eternally one of those annoying pricks who listens to music that you haven't heard of (like Good Luck or Antarctica Takes it!, so now I'm reading books that you haven't heard off. There's a lot of value to be found in the smaller publishers, like SLG's War at Ellsmere. It's by Faith Erin Hicks who has another book about Zombies. The character art looked very Scott Pilgrim, which put me off a bit at first, but I got into it pretty quickly.

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I quite like books about private schools. They help to avoid the bollocks jocks/nerds/cheerleader/prom tropes that you get in every other bloody school story. It helps that I've trying quite hard to get into one (there was one last year where I was this close to getting in. My classroom would have had a fireplace and giant windows and a view of the sea and it would have been AMAZING. But it wasn't to be.



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