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Hello! Long time no see. 

I just wanted to pop back in to share something I thought people would enjoy--it's a fan comic about an anime called "Tiger and Bunny", the western-inspired show where superheroes are used as TV entertainment and have ads on their costumes of the sponsors who fund them.

I know there have been posts about Tiger and Bunny before, but here's a brief recap:

The protagonists are Kotetsu, "Wild Tiger", an older, kind of washed up hero, who is silly and destructive but genuinely believes in saving people, and Barnaby Brooks Jr., a hero whose identity is known to the public, who's a Batman-esque 20-something who is looking for the man who killed his parents and who seems to care more about the entertainment side of heroism, and is also a bit of an ass, at first. They end up as partners who get on each other's nerves, going so far as Kotetsu giving Barnaby the nickname "Bunny" to annoy him. 

The anime debuted back in 2011 and has since spawned some of the most amazing and well-written fan comics I've ever read (in fact, it was a fan comic that got me to watch it in the first place). 

Since there was an announcement back in comic con that here would be a Hollywood movie of it, I wanted to share one of the best of the fan comics which really adds some emotional flavor to a particularly good series. 

Read from right to left! 

It starts with Kotetsu getting ready to visit his wife's grave. 

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An anime series that reconstructs the classic American hero and the rampant PROPERTY DAMAGES most writers just brush aside when super heroes break stuff in the fight for justice.

It surprised me, honestly. It's really Western-oriented in terms of the superheroes and the setting in general, and very anime in terms of the drama and character development.

In this show, superheroes take part in a reality TV show that ranks them by "villains captured" and "people saved", and have sponsors which pretty much pay for property damages and use the superheroes' suits for product placement.

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From the pages of the Tiger & Bunny manga, comes this delightful bonus story about Ivan Karelin - Origami Cyclone.

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