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"My strategy was to backtrack her design into a character. Work from the outside in, as it were. It was pretty clear she had a very important, formal position. But, because I don't like any of my character's lives to be easy, I thought it would be more interesting to make that a major contrast in her. So Windblade became a very hopeful, youthful character trying to fill a role that's a little too big for her. Everything else built from there," she explained.


"I, personally, am working toward the future, and the future I want to see is one where more little kids, and grown men, and teenage girls—where more people like Transformers and get joy from it," Scott said. "It's not the grandest dream, but it's mine."

--Mairghread Scott

I guess Metroplex is a little big for her )

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Artist: Sarah Stone
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"It's Lost in space. It's Star Trek meets Dark Star, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It's Justice League International as re-imagined by Stephen Moffat; it's Arrested Development with alt modes." -- James Roberts

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The most important thing for me when constructing Windblade was to make her a fully three-dimensional (read: flawed) character, so if I had to pick one word to describe her I would say that Windblade is trying. She's an optimistic, hard-working Transformers character who is genuinely interested in helping others, but she's also been dropped in the aftermath of a millennia (for real) long war that she was not really part of, so while she's a very competent character, she's way behind the curve when it comes to knowing who's who and what's what on Cybertron. This actually makes Transfomers: Windblade a really good starting point for new readers because almost everything on Cybertron is as new to her as it is to someone just entering the brand.

--Mairghread Scott

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"I hope I’m not speaking out of school here, but during at least one point, the ideas got pretty crazy and [co-writer] James [Roberts] and I were talking outside the main room, off by a bathroom in fact, and said he was getting a little… ah… nervous, or worried about the direction things were going.

"And the funny thing was that I’d had that exact same reaction, years ago, about another creative retreat about another event, and I’d had the same moment of talking to somebody outside a bathroom about it. In my case, it was Mark Millar—and he told me not to worry, that these things settle down and the stuff that isn’t working will get tossed out. And he was right. So I told James about that—the way these summits work is like a brain working. There are all kinds of bananas ideas thrown around, and it gets whittled down to the actual story."
-- Dark Cybertron co-writer John Barber, on the nature of creative summits to plan Big Events

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So we have some new images summarising "Season 2" of the More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise titles...

Also includes a couple of new faces... or faceplates... or whatever... )
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As the members of the fandom are gearing up for an Age of Extinction, plenty of the us are also getting ready for Phase Three of the IDW universe! Details are still being dispersed through the usual issue solicitations, but now we're actually getting some preview pages as well, courtesy of Newsarama.

Preface by Sol Fury of the TFW2005 board:
Newsarama has posted our first look at the IDW Transformers universe post-Dark Cybertron with a short preview of Robots in Disguise issue #28, the first of the issues to be released under the "Dawn of the Autobots" banner. The action is returning to Earth, and it brings us back to visit a character we've not seen a lot of since the Transformers left Earth nearly two years ago.

Be warned, there are some spoilers in this preview, although the ending of Dark Cybertron is one thing that you won't spoil for yourself.

SUSAN JOURNEYER heroically strides across the crowded planet in her NURSE'S UNIFORM. There are many other EARTH HUMANS around her. )
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 Been waiting for this issue to age abit so I can post these images.  First, let's open with a bang, shall we?

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"I bet if they existed in real life, and not just in comics and films, antiheroes would be insufferable arseholes." -- James Roberts

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You want romance? You got romance!

You want giant space conquering robots? You got giant space conquering robots!

You want snarky accountant based humour? You got snarky accountant based humour

You want a magnificently silly title? You got THE magnificently silly title...

From 1987's Transformers #31, I am proud to present;



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