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"Wherein our Native American hero heads West and meets Altani, the pteranodon-riding daughter of Genghis Khan and the vanguard of the Mongol invasion of the Americas in 1210 AD!" -- Greg Pak

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"Misconception: The real, true monsters in the story may not be the dinosaurs. Surprise: Crusaders, yo." -- Greg Pak

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Dark Horse recently revived the old Gold Key property Turok, Dinosaur Hunter. He was a comic book character first, but he's perhaps best known these days for the video games.

Anyway, it's a Native American warrior fighting dinosaurs. How can you go wrong with that, right? Two issues in and Jim Shooter's doing some wacky stuff mixing and matching the people of different geographies and historical periods, which the patchwork setting of the series provides him ample opportunity for.

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