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"The Ultimates were always going to take on Galactus in issue #1 -- I figured we kind of had to come in swinging and leave a mark [...] What inspired it -- a mixture of wanting someone big on or allied with the team -- originally, we thought about Odin, but he's a bit busy -- and my usual preoccupations with atonement, redemption, growth and change." -- Al Ewing

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"The original Ultimates comic had a certain now-ness to it - it felt like quite a pure distillation of the storytelling experiments of the time, especially with Bryan Hitch working at his widescreen best. With the help of Kenneth Rocafort - without whom this comic wouldn't, couldn't exist in the form it's taking - I feel like we're exploring some similarly experimental territory, while at the same time doing our own version of that widescreen visual language." -- Al Ewing

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"This was always a cosmic team for cosmic threats; only the most powerful, physically, mentally or politically, need apply." -- Al Ewing

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Ultimate Ultimates #5 (I refuse to call it Ultimate Comics Ultimates, as that would just sound silly) comes out tomorrow. Or today if you buy your Ultimate books digitally. It's a good read, and is a bit of a breather issue after the white knuckle ride of the first few issues.

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In the 2nd (or 3rd) run of the Ultimates we have a "brand new" big bad.

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