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This is less than four pages of UNCANNY X-MEN 19.NOW. This issue has Maria Hill show up in the newest former X-Man's apartment. David Bond was kicked out of Cyclops' X-Men for recklessness. He wakes up at his old apartment and...

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After a weak first issue, UXM took a sharp turn for the better. The lattest issue was delightful. Fun, exciting, and a neat improvement on characters voice.

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I don't know if I'd say that Storm is my favorite female character (mostly because I'm not sure I'd say I have "favorites" per se) but she's certainly up there. And since there were requests for Storm scans, I'm going to share some scans of her very earliest appearances, so you can know she was awesome from the very beginning. I'll also be interspersing it with other scans from the same issues that amuse me.

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So today I shift gears from the rather graphic and controversial Watchmen stuff I posted, back to Psylocke and company in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. Scans are from Uncanny X-Men #17.

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So, the last (apparently now lost) post about the latest Wolverine and the X-men issue threw up some discussion about whether or not Colossus was "fixated" on Kitty Pryde and how healthy their relationship was.

So, on a related note I present some somewhat context-less pages from Uncanny X-men #507 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson, in which Piotr gets a tattoo.


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