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So I started work on another Junji Ito compilation, NEW VOICES IN THE DARK, and found the sequel to a story I posted here.

If anyone remembers this story, they will also remember the haunted house being run by a character aptly described by a scans_daily poster as "that Lon Chaney motherfucker". Well, it turns out that this is one of Ito's few recurring characters. He appears mostly as a deranged little boy named Soichi. Ito's been drawing him for years. He's like a violent Charlie Brown who really, really deserves his misfortune.

We've come into the tail end of his story here, where he's grown older but not any wiser or less violent. A childhood friend of the family is searching for his family, who he um, enslaved.

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Every night, a convicted murderer comes to Noriko's house. To apologise.

Another non-gross-out story from Ito! And the last story of the VOICES IN THE DARK collection.

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Why are people all over the country choosing to stop and stand motionless, holding the same pose until they wither away? A social worker investigates the phenomenon of those known as the "earthbound".

The safe-for-work Ito is back, and we get a story more similar in tone to ROAR OF AGES than anything else. Still, I like this chapter quite a bit, and if I had to rank it I’d put it right behind GLYCERINE as my second favourite in this volume.

Only one story to round out the volume. Looks like I’m gonna make it.

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(Repost, removed the offending link. My apologies.)

The fifth story from the VOICES IN THE DARK anthology, and what can I say?

The cheapest, most disgusting, and best of all the stories in the volume so far.

Yui and her brother live on the second story of their father's poorly ventilated barbequeue restaurant. And if you've ever seen untranslated bits and bobs of Ito's work floating around, you might recognise this story as being where THAT image came from.

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The fourth story from the VOICES IN THE DARK anthology.

Two boys sneak into a haunted mansion theme park attraction that they have good reason to believe is actually haunted. With a concept like that, this is probably the story I should've posted for Halloween.

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The third story from the VOICES IN THE DARK anthology. Click the tag for more.

Two friends in the woods uncover the truth behind a mysterious flood.

Another safe for work story from Ito. Is the man losing his touch?!

Given that he turns that pretty dull premise into an interesting tale by the end, I would say no. Read on to see how he does it, and for some pretty gnarly depictions of floods.

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The second story from the VOICES IN THE DARK anthology. Click the tag for more.

This story will answer your suspicions about all terrible comedians who are also terribly successful.

Actually I'm surprised the Joker has never tried this before.

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This is the first story from the VOICES IN THE DARK anthology, which I've begun translating.

I've had a gloomy, depressing week, so it probably wasn't a good idea to bring you another story by Junji Ito. He's the guy behind UZUMAKI and GYO, so things are almost guaranteed to go disastrously wrong.

To remedy this, I've tried to post only the pages that contain an uplifting story of teenage love. Unfortunately this has meant excising almost every page of the story.


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