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'Really, I look at this as a singular statement of novelistic intent about a character who is iconic and important. To me it’s like “why did you need Dark Knight Returns?” This is a rare chance to do with a Marvel character something of singular emotional importance, to really try to do something like that.' -- Kieron Gillen

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"Logan spends the majority of the issue in his cage. It struck me that a way to capture that claustrophobia would [be] to do the whole issue in an Alan-Moore-esque nine-panel grid. You can even imagine the grid as the bars of a cage, if you see what I mean." -- Kieron Gillen

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"It takes place right around the time the German Schlieffen plan for winning that war was was made up. So we're on the cusp of what will be frankly a horrific century and what will civilization mean, then? An earlier draft of the story featured characters like Sigmund Freud and the Futurist movement. That was my original focus. All that stuff is sort of gone, and now I'm really focusing on the characters and what's important there, but in terms of themes, the idea of civilization and how violent it can be is a big part of this story." -- Kieron Gillen

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'I'm doing the wolf pack stuff a little bit more realistic than most people. It's based around pretty current research into how wolf packs work. I said Jack London was an influence, but his science in "Call of the Wild" was a bit iffy. In "White Fang" it was a little bit better, for the period, but still we know now that's not how wolves operate. Wolves, fundamentally, are family animals. A lot of our understanding about dominance comes from wolves in captivity, which is like trying to uncover how human society works by looking at prisons.' -- Kieron Gillen

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I just had to post this scene from Wolverine: Origins #46, because...well, there's a possibility that we may be running short of Logurt soon. :(
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The character Nuke was first introduced during the end of Frank Miller's Daredevil arc "Born Again." Besides a BA-related What If? issue, Nuke didn't make any more appearances for a while.

Then he returned in the beginning of Daniel Way's Wolverine: Origins series, where we discovered his origin.


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