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Our new X-23 story arc opened with Julian and Logan talking about why Julian decided to go to Westminster. It was very awkward and hostile. Then.

(4 pages from X-23 #17; 4 pages from X-23 #18) )

I am very much fchoizefhziufhznffhniuxhzaduihauzdbxuycbgef love all this angst XD
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On the latest post from X-23, [personal profile] blackruzsa mentioned Laura's cousin, and [personal profile] pyrotwilight was confused. So I thought I'd do a post about Megan Kinney, who is Laura's cousin, from the X-23 : Target X miniseries.

(6 pages of issue #1, 7 pages of issue #2, 5 pages of issue #3, 7 pages of issue #4, 7 pages of issue #5)

WARNINGS FOR implied rape, abuse and general mistreatment of children; adults being dismissive about complains of the previous; misogynist language; and violence.

and lots of pics )
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I'm a big fan of the Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost X-23 miniseries(es), but particularly the first one, Innocence Lost (that whole book is my perfect moment), because X-23 is still little and not over sexualized. (I'm not opposed to her being hot, I just find the character more powerful as a little girl, like she was in X-Men: Evolution, where she began.)

This scan is from issue three.

Read more... )


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