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I bring you three scans from X-Men #34. And I have a question regarding what has been happening in Avengers vs X-Men. I am rather saddened by what happened.

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Greetings to all! I have returned once again to scans_daily. The night is dark and full of terrors... (I apologize for my absence. Life is hectic)

I have some X-Men solicits, a color poster of Marvel NOW's AvX, and some bonus fanservice (I tagged it NSFW just to be safe). Enjoy!

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Adjectiveless, Uncanny, WatXM: Alpha and Omega

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Uncanny - Gillen, Greg Land
Adjectiveless - Victor Gischeler, Jorge Molina
Alpha and Omega - Brian Wood, Roland Boschi, Dan Brown
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Greetings my lovelies! I bring you some more updates on the Blue and Gold teams. Also an interesting development involving one of my favorite characters! (You know who she is...)

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I like to call this "The time Archangel confessed his to love for a teenage girl to her mother and then proceeded to have sex in the air in front of said mother."

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E!On-line has an amusing look at how, in X-MEN FIRST CLASS, Professor X and Magneto are totally gay for each other.


For a slightly more "in continuity" look at the matter...

I'm guessing this FLASHBACK story in X-MEN MINUS 1 is the first time Charles and Erik have met each other since the flashback in UNCANNY X-MEN #161. That issue was pretty much it regarding the Xavier/Magneto friendship everyone gushed over. They knew each other in Israel for a while, they saved Gabrielle Haller from HYDRA, then Magneto took a load of Nazi gold and flew off.

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