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Back at the "Gossip Girl" post, one of the comments indicated a preference for the Yen Press version of "Soul Eater." So, let's take a look at this fun manga series.

On a severely alternate earth, there's a school for Meisters (weapon users) and their Weapons (shapeshifting humanoids who can transform into weapons.) They take down evil humans, witches (who are humanoids with natural magical ability), and kishin (demons/evil gods.) By consuming the souls of these beings, the Weapons can become more powerful, eventually being eligible to be used by the Grim Reaper himself.

But this post will concentrate on their nominal enemies, the witches, and especially master villain Medusa. Scans are from Chapter 9, 13 pages of 41.

These women somehow missed the memo on Wiccan sisterhood. )

Your thoughts, comments, Witch-mass jokes?
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I don't think we've ever talked about Yen Plus here. It's a monthly anthology magazine from Yen Press, with a mix of manga, Korean manhwa, and American "mangaesque" comics. To facilitate this, comics that read from left to right start on the left side of the magazine, and manga that read right to left start on the right side of the magazine. It's an interesting mix of titles, including the latest from the maker of Full Metal Alchemist.

But today I'm just posting four pages from their latest issue (January 2010), with the new feature Gossip Girl. This is adapted from the popular books by Cecily von Ziegesar, which have also been made into a relatively popular TV show. I have neither read the books nor seen the show, so I can't speak to how faithful the adaptation is.

The premise, as I understand it, is following the lives of an assortment of teenagers from New York City's Upper East Side. They have wealth, good looks, popularity, immunity from prosecution, you know--all the things that you'd think would make you happy. But since this is a soap opera, nothing doing on the happiness front. Instead their days are filled with constant drama. Drama which is not helped by the mysterious narrator, "Gossip Girl." No one knows who she really is, but she's a member of the class, gets invited to all the parties, and always has the latest dirt.

Our story opens on the birthday party of one Blair Waldorf, current "queen" of the Upper East Side.

Meet Blair. She's a girl with a plan... )

Your thoughts and comments? Any Gossip Girl fans in the audience?


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