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"His balding, paunchy critics will bleat about his figure-work, his crazy layouts and poses just too exciting for their tiny brains to comprehend, but these are exactly the same slobs who would have lashed Kirby in his lost decade, castigating The King as too cartoony in an era that only carved Adams-inspired-photo-realism. If you want to appreciate how good Rob truly is, then wave his books under the noses of that audience mainstream audience comics long forgot. These pages are like catnip to the kids and and it's no surprise that he remains the biggest-selling artist of his generation." - Mark Millar (quote from the Hardcover, Remastered Version of Youngblood... pretty sure he's joking)

Warning: This comic may be a bit too radical and early 90's for you.

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Sorry to have kept all y'all waiting.

4 pages from the newest issue of Youngblood, Rob's long awaited return to writing and pencilling his baby. If you're an Obamaniac (aren't we all?), you should know these are the *only* Liefeld pages featuring O in this issue.

There is an Obama cover as this is a flip book with a short supplemental tale with an Obama cameo (pencilled by Liefeld protege Marat Mychaels) but this's a new book so four scans allowed only.
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In the late 90's, Alan Moore became the writer for Rob Liefeld's superhero team book Youngblood. As should come as no surprise, he drastically revamped the whole thing. This is the series outline Moore wrote up before starting on the book, in which he details his approach and plans for the title. It's a series bible of sorts, basically.

And for legality, there's three pages from Moore's time on the title itself, featuring a nifty take on superspeed.


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