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Bad Ass is the brainchild of writer Herik Hanna and artist Bruno Bessadi, celebrated for its "evil genius, sinister wit, and wild abandon." Bad Ass introduces Dead End, an unstoppable vigilante who may claim to be a masked avenger... but he's a villain through and through, with a cause even greater than serving justice: serving himself. - From the Official Press Release by Dynamite

Writer: Herik Hanna
Artist: Bruno Bessadi
Colorist: Gaetan Georges

7 & 2/3 of 23 pages

Warning: Violence and gore, foul language, and a bit of possible sexism and most likely racial stereotyping to boot!

Not seen in the entry below, but from the flashbacks:
+ A school massacre
+ Graphic details of someone's face being burned horribly.

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Warning: Racism, language, and violence. It may be history, but it's hard to read.

11 out of 187 pages

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So I was going to post the conclusion to the Music Master's first case, but eh...after a while one MM story begins to seem pretty much like the next. Instead, I bring you this very cracky four-page PSA for war bonds, from Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #15 (Nov. 1942). Scans for this public domain work are courtesy of

Trigger warning for the usual sort of WWII-era racist caricaturing.

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Given the nature of the book and what is being shown, there is racism, intolerance, and some violence.

7 out of 187 pages

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"Without a doubt, the comics format made me the man I am today. I remember reading [Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story], 14 pages and sold for 10 cents, and as a student with other students in Tennessee, we read the book and had a protest using the lessons from that book.

It was our guide – it was like our road map. And this is my belief – March, with its three books, will be a road map and a guide to many people in the future, especially young people. Especially children.
" - Congressman John Lewis

Given the nature of the book and what is being shown, there is racism, intolerance, and some violence.

5 and 1/4 out of 124 pages

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