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In light of discussions concerning superhero comics mixing with politics, here's a comic that's about a former superhero who becomes mayor of New York. It debuted in 2004 and ran for fifty regular issues plus four 'specials'. These comics were published around the same time as Vaughan's 'Runaways' (more or less) which should give you an idea of his versatility as a writer.

Warning for racism and suicide

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Since people seemed to like my post on the American Crusader, I thought I'd post another Thrilling Comics character that I like and has been reinvented several times, The Woman In Red.

The Woman In Red is actually credited as the first female masked crime fighter, beating out Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel, and Phantom Lady, and herself was only beaten as first female superhero by one month by Fantomah. Though she never made a cover appearance, she was a regular feature in Thrilling Comics starting issue #2, with her last appearance in issue #46.

Her real identity was Peggy Allen, a policewoman who was frustrated by the limits of her job and created a secret identity. She was aided by the police commissioner, who considered her his operative, and informed her of strange cases, arranged for her undercover investigations, and occasionally kept the regular cops out of the way, who were unaware that they had a vigilante on their payroll.

Peggy's gender almost never came up, outside of some of her disguises and taunts by villains. The joke made in the last panel of this story is the most I can really think of - well, that and occasionally showing her legs.

Warning for racism.

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Dr. Seuss made political cartoons back in the 40's, some of the most famous coming out during or before World War II. Have a look...

Warning for racism and disturbing images...

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"Today is difficult, but cheering violence against speech, even of the most detestable, disgusting variety, is not a look that will age well." - Nick Spencer

"Look, if we're saying it's okay to commit acts of violence against people whose views we hate, we should put that paper." - Nick Spencer

Writer: J.M. DeMattis
Artist: Mike Zeck

So with Neo Nazi/White Nationalist/Alt-Right Darling/genocide advocating Richard Spencer getting punched, Nick Spencer came to his defense to say violence against him and his speech is a bad thing. It got a steamy between Nick and his Twitter followers, eventually getting to him about his views and writing on Captain America. During of which, he cites this issue as Captain America's views on his stance to fighting hate speech with violence.

A lot of websites done posts about this, but let's take a more in-depth look at the issue with its relation to Neo-Nazis, hate speech, and violence...

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I apologize for not posting lately; but I've been lost since late July in the world of Sexton Blake. American readers might say, "Who?" but those who know the history of detective novels especially in Britain will be familiar with the name...and with Waldo the Wonder-Man, one of several precursors of Superman. Oh, the main influences were Philip Wylie's GLADIATOR, Flash Gordon and Doc Savage. But Waldo has his place.

Warning: I will be linking to some archives that occasionally use racist language. Do not click on those links and start reading those archives if such totally ruins your enjoyment of reading stories. And of course, linking to those archives does not mean any endorsement of such offensive language. Reading them, for love of the story or the characters, is in spite of such offensive terms.

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves

Well, Brexit is happening, which depresses the hell out of me, especially since it's now obvious that most of "Leave" team never expected to REALLY win and now have to backpedal on the promises they never expected to have to keep, which throws the whole thing into even more confusion and uncertainty. And also the repellent tide of xenophobic and racist crimes which are being reported since the vote went through (This link contains examples of racism and xenophobia, so be aware before you click) should bring shame to every British citizen  (As someone more succinct than I could ever be put it; "Not everyone who voted for Brexit is racist, but it's pretty clear everyone who is racist voted for Brexit").

But parts of the country which heavily backed the Remain (my one consolation is that my area is included in that list) are striking back against the xenophobic attitude

In other news, apparently it's Shark Week..

In more significant news, the US Supreme Court has struck down Texas' controversial (to say the least) laws limiting access to abortion

In finally (as they say in the newscasts)  a Police Officer proposed to his boyfriend in the middle of the London Pride Parade. How delightful that the sort of thing unthinkable or shameful only a few years ago is now reported as a feelgood story.


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