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The bulk of #3 is mostly Luke having to do the usual princess resucueing with a twist. That being she really doesn't need to be rescued. She's with her Rebel cell, just that they pulled the move to sway her pop to the Rebel side.

Luke fights a monster then accidently turns on his lightsaber in an area of the mine that heightens the light from a lightsaber blinding him temporarily. For all his efforts Luke is then captured. Not soon after, word reaches him of a certain vistor coming to his planet. Speaking of said vistor:

As for our bounty hunter, Maya well she took out some Stormtroopers, but as they continue to swarm the area and she's out of helpful little droid henchmen.

The king just loves telescasting the news to his subjects via reporter droid. But after a squabble of what to report and not the droid fibs to the King. He states the order Vader gave is that Luke must be terminated.

Yeah.. good going idiot king. #4 starts with said king being deposed by Vader. Beaten to heck and chained like an animal with orders to execute his life. Still he gives word to his people via reporter droid of how much of an idiot he's been. The droid gets word to the entire planet of just what kind of fate they're in for under Imperial rule.

As for Luke of course the daughter shot him with the blaster on stun. She tries to smuggle the young Rebel out. Instead she finds Jal also looking for Luke. In turn the group finds Vader with a squad of Stormtroopers blocking the only exit of the building.

However, an unrulely crowd is gathers behind Vader. The move distracts the troopers long enough for Jal to get into Luke's X-Wing. The crowd screams he's a coward. With bloodshed very easily about to be spilled Luke agree's to surrender himself. HOWEVER:

With that Vader leaves but making a promise the princess will pay dearly for this. Luke mourns his fallen comrade and the princess assures him she'll make sure he'll get transport before Vader returns.

As for our poor bounty hunter Mala Mala and her fate (and the reason I didn't scan said stand off and sacrifice of the king):

Originally, Macan at the end of this mini Vader was supposed to learn Luke being the cause of the Death Star's destruction. I do enjoy this ending far more with Palpatine finding out at the end. Not to mention for all his attempts to denying Palpatine the knowledge if he stayed behind he could have avoided Maya from ratting this to his master. Poor Vader.

I also remember Macan wished to do another Vader mini though this one on Darth Vader the urban legend with various people around the galaxy telling tales of Vader.

Now updated with completely random Darth Vader commercial:

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