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GLORY was Alan Moore's homage to the Wonder Woman mythos, in the way SUPREME was his homage to Superman. It featured one of the more interesting takes on the idea of a secret identity that I've seen.

These pages are from issues 0 and 1.

That's Glory's mother, Demeter, goddess of the tenth sphere, the material world. She's worried about her daughter's recent adoption of a human form and how much time she's spending on the earthly plane. Glory recaps for her mom (and the readers) her history with the material world.

The next page is narrated by the Gloria West identity, not Glory, hence the differently colored caption boxes.

Like in SUPREME, Moore would regularly insert flashbacks to Glory's past adventures, done in the styles of the comics from the eras the flashbacks were taking place in. Essentially pretending that the characters genuinely had a decades-spanning publication history the way their templates (Superman and Wonder Woman) did. Unlike in SUPREME, however, where the flashbacks were shown through Supreme reminiscing about the past ("Hmmm, I remember the first time I met that villain..."), Glory's were portrayed as comics within the story that the characters were picking up and reading, like the one above.
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