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I just got around to reading this place again, and remembered that once upon a time I had posted to the old scans_daily with Books of Magic scans that hey, I still have around. And there are only two Books of Magic entries, so here. (8 pages scanned, issue was longer than 22; writer John Ney Rieber and illustrator Peter Snejbjerg.)

She meets Tim's friends Tanger and Crimple, but unfortunately, after a while, she has to, well, go to the bathroom. Only Tim's magic imaginary place doesn't, you know, HAVE any. So she goes off into the thick bramble, and after she's done...

Tim to the rescue! Only first he has to figure out where she is, so he carves an 'M' on a coin and flips it. No deal.

I only got to read up to "Girl in the Box", and my library doesn't have "Burning Girl", so I never saw for myself what happened to Molly although I do know. Does anyone have any scans? Books of Magic was my first comic and I love it. Even if no one else does B|. Also, I notice we apparently have no Gotham Central (otherwise known as CSI: Gotham) scans, so I will fix that with the time they shot Batman.

Date: 2009-10-06 06:21 pm (UTC)
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I have all the issues in my room somewhere, I can look into finding a scanner and posting them.


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