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New Ultimates promo art

Surprise surprise, Loeb has Ultimate Loki looking like his 616 counterpart.

And here's an interview with Loeb about the upcoming series.

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Seems like it autolinks too, which I didn't know since I always just punch in the html. But anyways, I meant the sharper brackets... err, I can never remember what's the html for those and can't write them either, so just take a look at the example on this page ( to see what I meant. And there should be different brackets for the "a href=" part and the "/a" part, which should come after the text.

Like this [a href="link here"]some text which will serve as the spot for the link[/a].

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So it's either <href=>this, or [href=]this[/a].

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< a href = " " > this < /a >, only take out all the spaces except the one between 'a href=' to get this (

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Do I need to put the link in quotes?

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Yep, otherwise it'll just show up as a mess of code.

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Okay, let's try it again:this (