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Booster Gold #25 (Beetle portion)

So unlike Rulk whose identity no one cares about at this point Black Beetle has been quite interesting since unlike other villains he's smart enough to lie so we can't tell who he really is. His claim of the month though is...

Jaime of course doesn't believe him considering he said he was Hector a few minutes ago.

But Black Beetle is insistent.

The injury was a reference from earlier when Black Beetle hurt Milagro and is usuing it as an example of why he purportedly went from Jaime to evil.

Jaime having beaten and more or less trapped his foe (in a field of tachyons stopping him from time traveling, which was Paco's idea decides it'd be best to leave and make sure Milagro's alright since no matter what he does Black Beetle will make it sound like he's guiding Jaime to evil anyway.

But before leaving Black Beetle has a few interesting words for Jaime.

Possibly a mention for Ted getting resurrected but more likely just a reference to the Blackest Night tie in that starts next issue.

And one final page (which in total should be about 3 1/3 pages of the 10) ... Milagro and dolls.

Hehehe. :D

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