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The epic brawl that erupted between the two in Amazing Spider-Man #249-251.

Dail Uppers Beware!!

#249 starts off with the start of Hobgoblin's latest scheme. Harry Osborn and J Jonah both recieve packages in the mail with information on the skeletons each have in their closet (Harry with Norman being the original Green Goblin and Jonah for creating the Scorpion). Both are to attend a meeting a the Century Club or else. Jonah begrudingly goes, while Harry tells this all to Pete and asks him to tag along.

At the club, Pete see's the Kingpin is there and figures him to be the mastermind of this blackmail scheme. However, once the room for the meeting is opened and Fisk merely curious as our hero, Pete begins to realize someone else's hand is behind this all.

It isn't long before the real Hobby arrives and clocks Harry for the outburst. He then lays down the ground rules. If they don't follow him and do some favors (besides the obvious giving him of money) he will go public with every dirty little deed they've done.

Still, there's Stern laying down yet another clue to Hobgoblin's identity. Again, re-reading this all when I finally got the Hobby trade, "Origin" of the Hobgoblin" and then all the stuff I had of the original Hobby by DeFalco and then Priest and PAD. Without even going into Stern's "Hobgoblin Lives" I still can't buy Ned Leeds was ever the Hobgoblin. Ned's motivations and just the sheer level of how Hobgoblin was able to do the things he did (have a mansion for his base of operations in #244-245, being the behind the scenes leader of a group of thieves in #238, and then this). It all showed me someone had a larger pocket. Something Ned just couldn't have had even if he was "corrupt".

Anyway, Spidey finally decides to show himself and a fight between the two spills out of the room:

Again, this showcases why Hobby is just so damn deadly. He'll take an used idea and make it a hundred times more lethal and refined. God I miss that maginfiecent bastard my true primary reason why I can't read a Spidey comic anymore. It's all: NORMAN NORMAN NORMAN! Honestly, I'm beginning to realize bringing back Norman probably was a bad idea, even though I've digged a couple of his stories.

Looking back now even more and even at this time period (I was re-reading the Fantastic Four issue involving Ock yeah that famous story). You had Ock at the top of his villainous game and show's how there's no need for him "dying" to show how "lethal" he can be, Hobby here doing his own thing, Kraven about to go off in his last hunt, and you have Kingpin here. Plus we're on the eve of Venom's creation. Nowadays?

Norman's behind it. I cannot hope and pray that Norman is killed in the conclusion of Dark Reign and just see how the Spidey writers cope again without this crutch they've used from the late 90s to now.

Anyway enough of my ranting and raving. We continue on with Amazing Spider-Man #250:

I so love that upper caption:

Spidey leaves the Century Club with really nothing given he can't local Hobby without his Spidey sense. So he begins interogating all the people who where being blackmailed at the Century Club. He pays a visit to Kingsley who is thinking where his brother is at. Again, another possible clue. He goes to J Jonah who is crafting a letter of resignation. Spidey tells him hell no to that, grabs it, crunches it up, and tosses it. Jonah just starts over making sure it will be printed during the late night edition.

Spidey getting zip via the remaining blackmailed folk decides to try another approuch. He digs up an old Spider Tracer tracker he used to use and uses that to find Hobby.

#251 continues they're battle:

Hobby starts to play demolition derby with Spidey ontop. After going through some buildings and dodging the cops with thinking he finally got rid of his nemesis. He's so wrong:

So there you have it. After this Spidey goes into the "Secret War" and when he returns has an alien costume to deal with. Not to mention the Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz runs begins.

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