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Captain Atom and Power Girl

I love reading (or viewing) stories about, or at least featuring, great friendships. So I thought it would be nice to have a week here celebrating such bonds in comics. Of course, when it comes to great friendships, the JLI is famous for the relationship between Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, and justly so. But most people are already very familiar with that, so in my effort to kick off great friendships week, I've decided to focus on one of this less well-known one from Justice League Europe.

These first few scans come from relatively early on in the series, after PG was wounded by the Gray Man and her power levels were reduced. She and Cap are practicing in the training room to determine what her new power levels are.

While they would spar and banter, the two of them could also talk to each in an easy and comfortable way that I liked.

After the Paris embassy was destroyed, the JLE moved to London, at which time Maxwell Lord promoted Cap's assistant, Catherine Cobert, to overall director, leaving Cap only as field commander. He, needless to say, was thrilled to be relieved of the headaches and responsibilities of the job, and wasn't reticent about enjoying his newfound freedom.

Just in case the attribution of the bottom-most speech bubble in the next-to-last panel above is unclear, it's Kara telling Cameron that she'll buy something for him to give to Catherine.

So just what did Kara buy for him to give?

I like how their friendship includes room for banter, pranks, and serious conversation. Sadly, after Cap left the JLE, not much more was done with this relationship.  It was forgotten to the point where, when Cap recruited Power Girl to help arrest Superman in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, no one even mentioned that they had worked together in the past.  There was one small reference, however, in a perhaps unlikely place.

As you can see, Cap and PG were standing next to one another among the mourners at Sue Dibny's funeral in Identity Crisis. This was the one element of IC that I actually enjoyed. It surprised, both because it was the good element in that series, but also because the authors of that title seemed to have completely forgotten that the version of the Justice League with which Sue Dibny was by far the most closely involved was the JLE. Yet for some reason, the Green Arrow narrated the story, while Wonder Woman, who was in the JLE for about two seconds, gave the funeral oration. But if I start talking about what was bad about IC, I'll never finish.

Anyway, I hope others will also post their favorite friendships from comics.

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I agree, she looks like one of those female body builders who have to tape their clitoris down because they are on so much T.

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It's like some bizarro cross between Princess Di and manface.

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God bless Amanda Conner, eh?