Date: 2009-10-29 09:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"Having just recently re-read Planetary Issue #10 (and indeed, most issues of Planetary), I'd argue exactly the opposite. Ellis is one of those writers who DOES hold these characters in reverence. I'd wager he doesn't place them above mockery, but his iconic approaches to some of these characters in other places makes me think he likes them just fine."

That's an interesting point. I haven't gotten around to PLANETARY yet so I can't comment on that. He does seem to be able to play the tropes of the genre straight when he wants to or needs to. On the other hand I recall him saying that he found RUINS mutilating "those hateful superhero characters" to be funny a few years back. (If I recall right, when he was younger and more vehement about his problems with superheroes.)

"He did write a comic where the heroes are fighting 'god', after all. (And win)."

On the other hand a close reading of his run on THE AUTHORITY suggest he was hinting at darker implications to their power. (And brings it full circle with SUPERGOD where the Superheroes are gods and destroy us all.)

-- Adam C.


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