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The Hanged man returns

"the sky gives NO second chances"

Von Hammer escapes...

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Man, that cover art totally spoils the revelation inside.

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I cannot imagine someone yelling all that in one breath.

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Isn't she dating Von Hammer? Cruel

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Cruel fate and fucked up relationships, isn't that really the entire history of WW1 in a sentence when you consider how killing some guy who wasn't even the ruler of his nation yet in a pathetically small country can end up causing all the major nations of Europe to suddenly start blasting away at each other?

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3rd page, 1st panel: And then they kiss?
(deleted comment)

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And was evidently in love with G.I Joe.

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Von Hammer has the most unintentionally hilarious look on his face in that inset.

"Ah vell, looks like I'm to be buggered for der Vadderland. The skies are a cruel mistress."

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Motto. *laughs*

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So Cobra Commander fought in WWI? Awesome.

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Is it just me, or does that first scan look kinda like the last scene of some perfume commercial (if you ignore the text)?

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Mind if I turn that into an icon?

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Can you make it 'Make Love, Not War'? that sounds more hilarious in my head.

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I'd buy that.

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Damn, that art is nice.

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I still say that that rope around the Hangman's neck is functionally ridiculous - but it does look pretty cool, I'll give it that.
You know what would be an interesting twist in a story like this? If there was a guy in an all-concealing mask, see, and every possible hint was given that his face was hideously burned or disfigured, and then finally the mask comes off, and... his face isn't even mildly scorched. In fact, he's incredibly handsome, but for some reason he THINKS he's hideously disfigured and goes the full Phantom of the Opera route. Wouldn't that be interesting?

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Kirby actually planned to do this with Doom, according to some. All he had from the accident was a thin scar.

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Yeah, I realized that the moment after I'd clicked the 'Post' button. Still, though, we never have gotten any conclusive proof one way or the other, so that doesn't really count. In my example, you WOULD eventually see the guy's face. (Also, we know that Doom has at least SOME scarring, regardless of the actual amount - in my imaginary example, the guy's skin would be unblemished.)

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Not really relevant or anything but I believe that this:

Image (

was how Kirby wanted Doom to look like.

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Indeed, I have seen that before. It can't really count as concrete proof, though, since that may have been Kirby's INTENTIONS, but one has to factor in all the countless other people who have worked on the character since then, none of whom has shown us his face. Until we actually SEE Doom's face in-comic - and personally, I don't believe we ever should - we can't tell whether he actually IS horribly scarred, or whether he and other people have been overreacting. (Hell, I wouldn't put it beyond Doom to give anyone who he's come in regular contact with a posthypnotic command, so that if they ever see his real face, they will recoil in horror, regardless of what it actually looks like. 'All of you will SHARE DOOM'S PAIN!')

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There's a fairly famous Twilight Zone episode (= with most of that plot.

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Aha - I really must catch up on that show one of these days. One of the most famous shows in history, and I haven't seen a single episode.

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That was a minor twist in Deathrace: 2000 too.

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Yeah, but he didn't THINK he was horribly burned - that was just a charade for the rest of the world's benefit.

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Calendar Girl, a late BTAS villain. Ex-model. Still very beautiful, but as Bruce explained to Barbara, "She can't see that anymore. Only the flaws."

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Yessss, I thought about her. The only thing is that she doesn't see herself as disfigured, per se, just ugly.

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Lady Deathstrike's dad was a failed Kamikaze pilot (he flew his plane into an American ship and didn't die), who wore a mask from the end of the war. When he was talking to Bullseye (this was the guy who gave Bullseye his adamantium skeleton and from who Weap0n-X stole the process from), he was asked why he wore the mask, was it because was he all burned and stuff. He replied that his face was fine, he said that he was filled with shame at what Japan had become since the war.

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That's more of an honor/national identity thing - although it is an interesting permutation of the concept, I'll give it that.

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I love Von Hammer's facial expression

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Wow! Foe Yay at its finest ♥

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and HOW.

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"Here is my beloved brother. He's UGLY! LOOK AT HIM! HE'S UGLY!" Nice sister he has there.