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We didn't have any New Teen Titans stuff recently, and with the scans of Gar Logan's first appearance a few days ago I thought I could dig out the Gar issue from the Tales of the New Teen Titans mini series (1982).
Flashbacks of Gar getting sakutia are repeated every now and then, but the TotNTT mini also has a few nice scenes of Gar's tv show Space Trek 2022 plus the Titans sitting around a camp fire being all cute and kind with each other (which I miss these days).
So, Space Trek, camping Titans, Hot Dog drama and Gar Logan in top shape are right ahead:

The setting: the Titans are on a camping trip to spend time with each other while not fighting bad guys. Vic and Raven already talked about their past, and now it's Gar's turn. He starts with his sickness, the death of his parents and the Doom Patrol and then comes to his days as an actor. Oh, and he has trouble with his hot dogs...

Love the parody here... Tiffany's costume is just a big NO, though (but look how cuddly Dick and Donna are...)

I'd seriously love to watch that show.

Gar and Jillian were dating some time ago. Of course, the happy days don't last long: the Arsenal kidnappes the girl. Unfortunately Gar doesn't have his costume at hand, so he loses his normal clothes while changing into a bird to follow them (except for his pants, apparently).

And here's Perez drawing Gar with full body hair...
While Jillian's bound to some kinda rack, Gar gets trapped in an airtight cage with electrified walls. The identity of the Arsenal is finally revealed: it's Gar's ex-guardian Galtry, who only wanted Gar's money. He plans to get it now in exchange for Jillian's life. Gar has to call home, but can't get Questor to send the money, so Galtry runs off with Jillian and leaves Gar to suffocate...

Gar frees himself, follows Galtry and Jillian, changes into several animals, beats the villain and rescues the damsel in distress. Sadly I can't show the rest because I'm hitting the page limit.

Instead have a short look at the shirt Donna's wearing at night (from the prior issue):

... it just has to be custom-made.

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Simple, Roy wasn't a member of the New Teen Titans, neither was Garth/Aqualad. Roy wasn't even a full time hero at this point, he spent a lot of time working as a DEA agent/consultant. He showed up from time to time, and helped a time or two, but he wasn't a regular.

He seemed to get more involved in the shady ops side of things, until eventually he moved in and took over the Titans when he more or less forced the team to align with the Government and Dick left in disgust. Yup, Roy was "a suit" for "the Man", Oliver must have been SO proud.


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