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Batman and the Outsiders: When Ollie Met Cass

AKA, Cass has actual friends!... Who aren't Conner, Steph or Babs!

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Hypocritically, Ollie has murdered people in the past, and he wasn't under mind control at the time, like Cass was revealled to be. Though his particular beef with the LoA is caused by Merlyn's attempt on his life during Infinite Crisis and their attempt to kidnap Dinah's adopted daughter, Sin.

Though he responded to the latter by kidnapping her himself, faking her death and let Dinah think that Sin was dead for seveal days before revealling that she was now living in a remote abbey that Dinah isn't allowed to see.

Later on Ollie attempts again to outright murder Cass when her new friends Katana and Metamorpho aren't around, though I'm afraid I don't have scans at the moment due to loosing the issue amongst my stacks. XP

I do have this kind of creepy photoshop though.
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As far as I can remember (it's been a while) Ollie didn't mack on Cass in, what looks like, an unwelcome way, during 'Batman and the Outsiders', he just resorted to the aforementioned attempted murder and making unpleasant comments about her instead.

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*waves one single lonely flag of Ollie love*

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You're never alone. I love the insufferable jerk.

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But you like Hal as well!

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That's because I have impeccable taste in fictional men. Obviously.

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I would described your taste as very peccable. Actually.

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I have one too! Goes to wave flag with you.