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Never Mess with Doctor Doom

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Never mess with Doctor Doom,unless you want your homeworld to be destroyed

In the other hand I love that Zombie Doom has not been consumed by the cannibalism,thus remaining the sinister sovereign that he is

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Doom has a point, there.

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Aside from wanting to see Baboon Von Doom in a one-shot NOW, (and also know why Doom has caterpillars crawling across his mask), I'm impressed that Doom was able to shut down a Speedball's powers so effortlessly, say what you like about Speedball, his powers were always pretty overwhelming. But I suppose that Doom did have time to analyse Penance when he visited Latveria looking for Nitro.

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Thats Zombieverse Doom so I'd imagine those are supposed to be maggots.

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Does anyone else read this Doom with James Earl Jones' voice?

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hm, I've always imagined Doom speaking in a higher pitched (but still very evil) voice than good old Jones
interesting voice choice though

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Actually, Speedy was choked out in his first series. It's more common sense than cunning.

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.... why are there worms on Doom's face?

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Doesn't he always? Vic never blabs out just to hear his voice, unless its him screaming "RIIIIICHAAAARDS!!!"

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Interesting... It surprises me a little since I'd have thought that anyone grabbing him is automatically giving him kinetic energy to work with which usually means "that's all she wrote".

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As opposed to who? I always hear/read Doom with James Earl's voice, with an Eastern European accent and rusty metallic echo.

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Alan Rickman. Circa Die Hard.

"I'm going to count to three. There will not be a four."

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Zombieverse Doom. They are maggots.

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I first caught on to Doom from "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends," so I always tend to associate -that- voice with the character. Specifically from the episode "The Fantastic Mr. Frump." I couldn't tell you the voice actor's name, but I remember the filter they added to it gave it this mechanical echo which I always thought was really cool.

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James Earl Jones, why not? Since everything else about Vader was copied from Doom.

Alan Rickman is good. I also think of Tony Jay and Keith David as worthy of Doom.

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Doom, like Alan Oppenheimer's Skeletor, needs that edge of nasal screech when he's screaming his hated arch-enemy's name. Jones and David's booming bass voices are much better suited to Darkseid.

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Paul Frees, in full Ghost Host mode.

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What DID happen to Zombieverse Doom, anyway?

He never really seemed to show up that much.

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Wow, if only artists had something at their fingertips that would allow them to find pictures of what maggots actually look like. That would be awesome!

Can't imagine what such a resource would be called, though.

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He evacuated Latveria and Ash Williams into a dimensional portal before destroying it and getting bitten. Thats about it really.

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Oh yeah, that would be enough for Doom.

Doom is awesome. That is all.

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It'd be nice if you said what issue this was from outside the cut, especially since it came out this week.

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I tend to imagine doom speaking like Kevin Michael Richardson, actually. I guess it's the "armored figure" thing.

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I could also see David Warner. "Understand this as you die, ever pathetic, ever fools!"

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Warner as Evil from Time Bandits would be an awesome Doom.

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I can't say just what ACTOR would be perfect for Doom's voice, but I have a fair idea of what he should sound like - deep, slightly grating, with a slight mechanical echo to his tones, the height of arrogance, of course, but with a certain charismatic edge, and a hint of a European accent. Actually, you know who could pull it off? Ian McKellen. Take the voice he did for the Toad in 'Flushed Away', make it a teensy bit higher-pitched, add a bit of a Germanic grate in place of the English accent, and run it through a computer to make it sound like it's echoing from inside Doom's armor. It'd be perfect.

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So both monkey!Speedball and monkey!AU get destroyed?

Go figure :(

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Or a German Brian Blessed. :)

Imagine that, won't you? ^^

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Huh, I thought that they were sticky plasters.

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I thought that he was bitten first, but managed to avoid going all "Rarrr! Doom Eat Peoples!", at least for a while, due to his force of will power?

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No it's just Zombie!Doom making threats. They Monkey!Speedball and the monkeyverse survive.

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Could have been that way, It's been a while since I read Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness.

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I tend to always read Doom with Simon Templeman's voice.

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I want to see Baboon Von Doom.

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Doom is in a class of evil by Doom's self!

So swears Doom!

(No, but seriously, no Jones for me)

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Well, by then the only people to eat were Latverians and Ash Willaims and neither were acceptable.

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I can't, actually, because I don't think I've ever seen anything with him in it. I understand that he's supposed to be a huge ham, but I don't know what he looks or sounds like.

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He originally was meant to be playing Odin in the upcoming film of Thor, but they cast Antony Hopkins instead.

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Ah, glad to hear that :)

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If anyone voices Doom, it should be Clancy Brown.

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Been a while since I've seen anything with him in it. I know he can sound very raspy, but if I'm remembering his voice correctly, he's just too American-sounding to play Doom. I mean, of course he could put on an accent, but that sort of thing is tricky.