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When Jason Todd believed in heroes -

- helped turn the tide on the umpty-millionth Apokolips invasion, and Bruce acted like a real father to Jay. Six scans (not my scans!) from the Legends miniseries, circa 1987, writing by John Ostrander and Len Wein, art by John Byrne and Karl Kesel.

The setup: Darkseid's minion Glorious Godfrey, in the guise of wingnut talk-show host G. Gordon Godfrey, has inflamed public sentiment against costumed vigilantes. In Legends #2, a Godfrey-influenced mob forms around a random Batman & Robin thug-apprehension and beats Robin bloody:

In Legends #3, Bruce hovers like a nervous mother hen by Jay's bedside:

In Legends #4 Bruce heads off to help put out fires as the world spirals into chaos, and where there's chaos, naturally there's the Joker. Bats puts him and his mob down, then is grabbed by Dr. Fate, who's gathering heroes for a final showdown.

Robin isn't on Dr. Fate's shopping list, but that's not going to stop Jason from manning up in Legends #5:

At last in Legends #6 we have the big showdown on Capitol Hill. Under the sway of Godfrey's powers, the ginormous rioting mob is completely unfazed by the appearance of boom tubes, parademons and robotic hunger dogs. The heroes scatter to put out still more fires, until the unexpected occurs - an army of children, armed only with Earth Logic, shows up to talk the mob down:

Lisa's Billy Batson's little friend and helpmeet who's had a running presence throughout the mini. By slapping her, Godfrey loses his hold on the mob, and tries putting on the helmet he stole from Dr. Fate, only to have it magically whammy him catatonic. And BANG go Darkseid's plans for yet another day!

Gosh, remember when stopping Apokoliptic invasions was actually fun?

ETA: Can I get a "Jason Todd" tag, Your Modlinesses? Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Cass Cain already have them, so, equal time for black sheep Robins plz?

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Love Batman's face during the "dancing through the minefields" comment

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'Dancing through minefields' is probably a Robin training excersise.