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Seems only right to start my posting at S_D 3.0 with a new World of Wondy post (well, actually, not a new World of Wondy post, but one not currently online, at any rate), so let's get back into the history of the second Wonder Girl, shall we?

Last time around, which was, I admit, kind of a million years ago, Cassie muscled her way into powers and the beginning of a heroic career through sheer idealistic pluck, and Diana was proud of her and strongly supported training her as an amazon, though her mom was not especially fond. This time, Cassie completes the process by losing a mentor and acquiring a rogue, as we finish out Byrne and Cassie officially becomes Wonder Girl.

By the by, if this chapter is choppy or tricky to follow, I apologize. I've done my best to crop, clean and clarify, but Byrne's got about six billion irons in the fire here and it can get messy and abrupt trying to isolate just the relevant Cassie stuff, particularly when working around the page limit.

Anyway, we begin just after the return from Olympus where Cassie got her powers; Diana, Cassie, and Helena are visiting Jason "Etrigan's Host" Blood and his friend Randu when Artemis (currently part of a demon-hunting organization) busts in through the window and attacks Jason. Diana moves to protect him.

The spell that connects Artemis and Diana is screwing with Diana something fierce and Artemis pretty much kicks Diana's ass, so naturally Cassie moves to get involved.

Randu chants the "gone, gone, form of man" rhyme, removing Jason from play in exchange for Etrigan, who knocks the fight out onto the street and confuses things further.

See, now I would be flipping out with sheer joy just to not be dead, but Cassie actually seems most excited that she saved Artemis, here. It's not that she can fly, it's that her ability to fly allows her to save the life of some random nutcase who just attacked her friend.

Anyway, more fighting ensues, Diana still off-balance enough that Artemis gets a chance for another try at a killing blow.

Dude, ow. Poor Artemis never gets no respect.

I tend to agree with Cassie that Diana's being weird here because of the spell - this is just too inconsistent with her reaction after the fake!Doomsday fight otherwise. But more important than Diana here is Cassie's reaction *to* her. The desire to help is Cassie's driving character trait thus far, but even that's not more important than doing what Diana asks her to; even with good reason to think Diana's not in her right mind and evidence that Diana is losing, it still takes her a couple panels to justify disobeying and overcome her instinctive reaction to stay put and do what she's told. Very unlike her relationship with her mother, innit?

The offscreen hand, by the way, is Neron, who sucks them all down into Hell and chucks them in cages, just because.

Cassie is, as ever, impressively sanguine in the face of weirdness and danger - even when she has every reason not to be, after Neron takes Diana and Helena elsewhere to be tortured and leaves Cassie alone with Artemis.

Despite her complaining, Cassie's perfectly willing to do what she can to save them all even when that means she herself gets left behind, which speaks well of her.

The guy talking to her offpanel is Merlin, also a prisoner, who convinces her that Neron didn't steal either her powers or Diana's, he's just, y'know, lying. So Cassie busts out of her cage to go try and rescue Diana, and it's a decent showing, but not particularly important, since Neron kills Diana anyway before booting them all back to the normal world - more on that elsewhere, as it doesn't really concern us now. What's important is what comes after: Diana's people taking Diana's comatose but perfectly healthy body to a hospital, where they all keep a miserable vigil with no idea what to do to try to wake her up.

Aw, she's such a good kid.

Unfortunately, elsewhere in the hospital...

(Everyone's depressed because of the Genesis crossover. [That's a more meta statement than it appears.] Pay no mind, it's really irrelevant.)

Heh. And that, my friends, is our first look at poor Dr. Doris Zeul, later to be known as Giganta, perhaps the most well-known of Diana's rogues and one of the least interesting and least-respected black hats in the DCU. Poor Doris. [ profile] batcookies has some fun rants on that topic, which I hope to see more of someday. Meanwhile, though, we're here for Cassie, so...

Diana's posse go tearing around looking for her, and Cassie, Polly on her heels, finds Zeul's lab off in some quiet corner of the hospital.

They tear down the doors and interrupt the experiment, but not in time to save Diana, who gives up the last ghost of life there on the table.

The autopsy, of course, is prevented by the fact that Hera shows up and transfigures Diana. So... Diana's dead. But she's a goddess now, so it's not like she's exactly dead dead, but it's not like she's around, so... well, Cassie's not entirely sure what to feel.

Georgia has called them all together to deal with Egg Fu, but there's nothing particularly significant for Cassie in that subplot, so let's skip over it, and consider instead the problem of Helena Sandsmark, Cassie's mother, and not incidentally, Jason Blood's girlfriend, missing since issue 127.

Temi's solution is to drag him along with them, of course. But man, Mike really is just in a perpetual state of "needs a good smack," isn't he?

So off they go to Jason's apartment, where they run into a talking pillow which claims to be Jason's best friend.

Cassie still needs some training, methinks. On the other hand, again, note that Artemis tells her to keep back and she does. She doesn't always know what she should be doing, but she does have a very good sense of who she should listen to and when.

The pillow demon is apparently not as much help as they'd hoped, though, since all they do next is hoof it to England to check out the hotel where Helena was supposed to be staying, which you'd imagine would be their next move anyway.

I really don't think Byrne quite gets the Bana.

Naturally, this leads nowhere good.

Tortured female heroes really is kind of a trend with Byrne, isn't it?

Exposition on Morgaine and Etrigan follows, but none of it is remotely important and much of it is stupid and subsequently ignored retcon, so we'll just skip to the good part:

Woo Cassie!

Er. Or not. Good effort, though!

Actually what impresses me the most here is that Cassie is somehow not at all traumatized by seeing her mother in that outfit. Now that is heroic.

And we're done with Cassie again for this storyline; Midlife!Merlin takes them all down to hell to fight Old!Merlin and le Fay and Neron, where they meet up with Donna and Polly and Jay Garrick, and Donna gets killed, and all kinds of other complicated crap that doesn't matter happens. Point is, Cassie escaped Hell (good practice for later escaping Hades and Apokolips; the amount of time she's spent in various versions of the place, maybe it's no wonder she went a little crazy), and helped resolve her mother's kidnapping and possession. End result, they all end up back home in Gateway.

Meanwhile, at the hospital from so long ago:

Hee. I love how much fun she's having.

After she threw him off the roof? Probably not.

So Cassie's thwarted her very first bad guy all on her own (well, except for that save by Mike, but he's a civilian and a douchebag and doesn't count). And what's the only appropriate response to something like that?

So there you go: Wonder Girl, as established by Byrne. She still doesn't really know what she's doing (I cut several hilarious panels of Artemis in Hell physically restraining Cassie by the ankle so she couldn't fly in and punch stuff when stealth was called for instead), and her toolbox for problem-solving is still pretty small, but she's aware of her inexperience and she knows who to listen to in order to learn. She's absolutely devoted to Diana and has no small admiration for other amazons as well, and she loves being a hero, but not so much that she can't be practical or serious about serious situations or leave the fun to others when necessary. She's calm and intelligent even when the danger is personal and her loved ones are on the line. In short, she's just about everything you could want in a new legacy hero. And her mentors seem to agree, offering her support, training and the validation of Donna's old uniform - though of course Helena's still not down with any of this, which will leave us room for lots of fun over the course of YOUNG JUSTICE.

Scans from Wondy v2, 123-136ish.

Next time: Cassie makes some new friends, and her mom gets into a cake fight.

Date: 2009-11-17 01:08 pm (UTC)
thebigapricot: (Default)
From: [personal profile] thebigapricot
My eyes are burning from some of that art. Artemis needs to come back and work with Cassie and make her wear Donna's old uniform. Also Artemis in shorts at a carnival? ♥

Date: 2009-11-18 03:50 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] jlbarnett
she wore it in Sins of Youth. For all people complain about her costume in Teen Titans it's jeans and a shirt. What she normally wears.


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